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Congratulations to KOAK for flying
201 Flights and 380.1 hrs in March
2012!  My congratulations to
everyone at NorCal

Please reference the performance
page for max passenger loads on our
NorCal Hub News and
Current Events

Welcome to the
NorCal/KOAK Crew Base of

Greetings NorCal pilots! My name is Randy Tyndall, SWA7161, the Crew Base
Manager of the NorCal/KOAK Crew Base;   I welcome you to look around and
see the fun we are having at SWVA! If you feel you would like to join our fine
organization please visit our corporate site by clicking the logo at the top of the
page, or
skip right to the
pilot application. Also, please feel free to use the contact form
for any comments! And be sure to visit the
POLICY page for any questions
about NorCal's flying and operations or visit the manuals link to the left for
useful flying information! If you need help filing a PIREP, check out the
Help page. So take to the air, we'll see you in the skies!

April 2012

Question,  if April Showers bring May Flowers then what do MayFlowers
bring...Pilgrims.  Okay, poor attempt at humour, but "E" for effort.  April
and Spring are officially here.  Better weather in many cases but lots of
springtime thunderstorms and rain if you look for it.  The hub is doing
well.  There are some who would be disappointed we didn't reach 500
hours in March, but not me.  Seeing you guys fly and looking at all the
PIREPs is all I ever need.  Besides, 380 hours is still very respectable.  
March saw the arrival of a new spring bird.  No, not the robin...the
B737-800, Warrior One, N8301J.  We had a pretty good event to bring
her from Paine Field to Dallas Love Field.  Tim
Long and I made the
flight...where were you?

March 2012

March, springtime in the Northern Hemispehere and fall "down under".  
My apologies for being so late getting the site updated but this month
has been a busy one for me...that and the grandson has discovered the
computer and wants to play "5 Games" all the time now.  NorCal is on
the mend and we are seeing numbers we haven't seen in quite awhile.  
I've had a lot of people thanking me for that, but they are thanking the
wrong person.  It's you, the NorCal crewbase that needs to here that
and so...Thanks to each and every one of you for making NorCal what it
is today.  Now lets go fly!

February 2012

January 2012 is history as we roll into February, the shortest month of
the year.  After last month's very good showing I really don't know how
February could be better...prove me wrong...I dare ya!  January was also
a painful month for some.  We said goodbye to Neil Caeton, SWA7350,
and James Ryan, SWA7400.  Both felt that this just wasn't the time in
their lives to be flying for SWVA and I respect that choice.  Both are
welcome back anytime.  Another 16 left under less desireable terms.  
We're down to 34 pilots now, but February is here.  Good weather, bad
weather...nice days, cloudy days.  Challenges are there...all ya gotta do
is fly.  See ya in the Southwest Skies.

CLICK HERE for ACARS info and setup procedures.

New Feature: NorCal's NOTAM Flight Report.
Have a flight that was or went bad; like tire/engine fires, equipment
failures? Or you had a flight in real rough weather in low visibility? Well
tell us about it. Give us a report with a few screen shots and a small
story on what went wrong and how you handled it.
Email me with your
Flight Report and if I post it you'll receive up to 10 bonus hours and
$1000 bonus pay. So, tell us your story!

Type Ratings:
Looking to advance your type rating here in NorCal? RVP.PVP.CVP.ATVP
Check out the courses available at  
Steve's Flight School or browse in
the NorCal Forum for information on how to achieve this and see the
pilots who have taken these exams.

Virtual PAX:
Virtual Passenger Accepting Reservation Soon!  Want to ride along on
one of my, (SWVA0002's) flights in real time video? Well stay tuned on
how you can view one of my selected flights as a VA PAX.

SWVA KOAK's VATSIM status indicators:
Are you an online pilot? Want all those in SouthwestVirtual to see where
you are flying to? Well check out the NorCal indicators
Here (Virtual
#9891), or just click on indicators below and follow the
instructions on how to add to your posts at SWV!

Be sure the check back in here as the month goes on.  Now that I kinda
know what I'm doing in here I will try to use this website more often,
especially for our Flights of the Month and any special flights.

Also check here for notices about the VATSIM Friday Night Ops (FNO)
location for the week as well as VATSIM Events of Interest.
Pilot Info and Stats
Welcome Aboard
New Pilots:
Welcome to all newly added air crews

March 2012
Promotions and Awards:
Check out Promotions in the new
Pilots Lounge!

Pilot of the month
Timothy Long, SWA7314: 74.7 hrs!

Iron Knuckles Winner
Timothy Long, SWA7314:  40 Flights!

Year's End Pilot
Kenneth Kennedy SWA7103 : 128 Flights!

OAK  Stats: January '12
Total Pilots Reporting - 36
Total Flights - 201
Total Hours - 380.10
Total PAX - 23,706
Total Miles Flown - NM 132,986
Busiest Airport - KLAS
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NorCal/KOAK's Newest

Sean Springette SWA7413
Cedric Teng Ampo SWA7412
Basil Hassoun SWA7411
Michael Lesnoski SWA7410
Cole Alred SWA7409
Pablo Ayon SWA7408
William Cameron SWA7406

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