NorCal Hub's Flights-Of-The-Month
Welcome to our Get-Away package! Here you will find the NorCal-Pilots Flight of the

These are real routes flown by real world Southwest pilots. If you've ever wanted to live
a day or two as a real pilot, here's your chance! But here in the VA world, you have one
month to complete this package at your leisure!

We'd love to see your travels. Take your best snapshot of your flights and submit it for
screen shot contest each month! The winner of the screen shot contest will receive
5 bonus hours and be displayed on the main page!

Get- Away: (FOM)
March 2012
The FOM will include a series of realistic hops. The flights will be
divided into realistic assignments and may be flown on separate
days or on one day (for realism). Have fun and take some great
screen shots for this month's competition. If you fly all the legs  
make a note in your PIREP Flight Comments section I will
you 5 hours
.  Be sure to check below for the "VATSIM Advantage"
Suggested Routes
Not to be used for real world navigation. This site is for simulator use
NorCal Hub's Flights-Of-The-Month

FOM primary feature of 5 hours bonus per FOM will remain but I will make the bonus 1.5X (7.5 hours) if  
you complete the the FOM online on the VATSIM Network (Verified) *One FOM completion per pilot per

Those pilots who complete the entire flight schedule as posted on the FOM table will get mention with
logo in the forums at month's end, (Possibly the NorCal site as well)

Pilots must report me via email, forum PM, or on the NorCal Forum page when finished with the entire
FOM schedule as posted so that I can verify your PIREPs of the FOM flight, times, and legs

*Mention of "NorCal FOM" and leg # must be noted in your flight comments section when you submit
to receive credit.*
Flight Of the Month Early Bird Credit
Flight Of the Month VATSIM Advantage